MyAccount in 2020

The following infographic offers an insight into how MyAccount worked for Renfrewshire in 2020

MyAccount, our online portal for connecting residents to council services, became a vital channel as offices closed. Our teams worked tirelessly to bring both existing and new processes to the portal, all while making MyAccount as quick and user-friendly as possible.


How our residents interacted with MyAccount

Registered Users

In 2020 MyAccount grew from 56,157 registered users up to 71,141.

The end of March was our busiest point recording 763 new users signing up in one week!


Total payments made through MyAccount in 2020.

2020 Device Usage

pie chart showing device usage for 2020 - 65% mobile, 30% desktop and 5% tablet.
  • 71,000 people
  • 311,000 devices
  • 830,000 times
  • 2.3 million pages.

Covid-19 Response

How our portal helped residents navigate the pandemic

illustration of woman sitting on a sofa illustration of man standing beside a shop building

Self-Isolation Support Grant Applications


Business Support Grant Applications

Applications made online using MyAccount.

*does not relate to number of grants finally approved.
bar chart showing 9 support grants and their values. BnB Hardship Grant 3, Business Adaptation Grant 75, Business Closure Grant 232, Business Hardship Grant 97, Business Resilience Grant 113, Business Restart Loan 19, Business Support Grant 3174, Protective Measures Grant 866 and Self Employed Hardship Grant 292

Total grant applications made through MyAccount in 2020.

Waste Services

A look into how MyAccount helped our residents with a number of their waste queries

graph showing missed bins and highlight of May 2020 64% reported online compaired to 36% over the phone

Missed Bins

In May 2020 nearly two thirds (64%) of missed bin reports were submitted online compared to over the phone (36%).

Bulky Waste Collection

In July, 41% of Special Uplifts were requested online, compared to 59% over the phone.

graph showing bulky waste collection and highlight of July 2020 41% reported online compaired to 59% over the phone illustration of man walking dog in park with woman sitting on bench in background

In 2020...

  • 58% of Fly-tipping
  • 61% of Litter

was reported online via MyAccount.


How MyAccount helped children prepare for school


Children Registered for Primary 1


Clothing Grants & Free School Meal Applications


Education Maintenance Allowance Applications


Early Years Placement Requests


School Placement Requests


Home to School Transport Applications

illustration of woman bending down to child wearing a rucksack as if going to school


How MyAccount kept businesses operating through the granting of vital licences

Renfrewshire's Licensing department issue Licences for anything from Taxis and Private Hire Cars to Street Traders and Window Cleaners.

In 2020 we created 9 new online forms to allow businesses, contractors and the self-employed to make applications using MyAccount. There were 1,352 renewals over the year as well as 119 new applications.


Total Licensing Applications made using MyAccount in 2020.

illustration of a female figure standing beside a document with an approved tick beside it

Help us make MyAccount even better

Please remember, during this difficult time to follow Scottish and local goverment guidance.

Scottish goverment FACTS Icons: face coverings, avoid crowds, clean hands, two meters, self-isolate